Brett S. Morris


Brett S. MorrisBrett S. Morris is a freelance writer interested in numerous topics, including US foreign policy, US domestic politics, anarchism/socialism, international current events, and psychology.

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, he lived for three years in South Korea teaching English, and has traveled extensively throughout east and southeast Asia. His work has been featured in Vox, Jacobin and CounterPunch. In 2014, he published his first book, 21 Lies They Tell You About American Foreign Policy.


Al Qaeda’s Favorite President, Jacobin
Agent Orange and unexploded bombs: America’s “human rights” record in Vietnam, Vox
Japan Should Devote Itself to Peace, Not Remilitarization, CounterPunch
Why is the United States Still Terrorizing Laos?, CounterPunch
Laos After the Bombs, Jacobin
What the United States Did to Vietnam, CounterPunch
Nixon and the Cambodian Genocide, Jacobin


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